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SVX Under the Hood

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Transmission Services

Complete Transmission Diagnostics

Using a Subaru Select Monitor, check transmission operating temperature and trouble codes.

  • Band adjustment available for an additional fee

Transmission Drain & Flush

We use a "gravity feed" method of transmission flush, to eliminate the possibility of damaging your transmission and/or lines.

  • Includes filter change / upgrade to larger capacity filter available
  • Check all lines and hoses for signs of deterioration
  • We use Dexron Mercon III ATF or upgrade to BG Products or other synthetic

Transmission Cooler Installation

Choice of several transmission coolers, depending on your requirements.

  • Includes complete transmission fluid & filter change
        ∞ Gravity feed transmission flush, NOT power flush
  • Check all lines and hoses for signs of deterioration
  • We use Dexron Mercon III ATF

Transmission Swaps

We perform the following transmission swaps, on the SVX as well as other vehicles:

  • 3.545 to 4.44 Upgrade (SVX AWD)
        ∞ Approximately 8-10 hours to complete
        ∞ Used transmission and differential can be supplied, or bring your own
        ∞ LSD (rear-end) change-out or open-rear differential
  • 4EAT-to-5MT or 6MT Swap (SVX AWD)
        ∞ Approximately 40-50 hours to complete
        ∞ Transmission and other custom-fabricated parts can be furnished
  • Stock Transmission Replacement
  • FWD to AWD conversion (SVX)

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.