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HID Headlight Kits

We are pleased to offer Lavalux Xenon HID Headlight Conversion Kits.  We currently stock only the 9006 bulb kits, which are direct replacements for the stock SVX low-beam headlight bulbs.  Installation can be done in approximately 30 minutes without any special tools or skills and is completely reversible, should you want to remove the HID's for any reason.

Lights are available in 4300K, 5000K, 6000K and 8000K color temperatures.  For more information on color temperatures and lumen output (brightness), please visit

9006 HID Headlight Kits

$199.00 per kit

HID Headlight

All kits are priced at $199.00 per kit.  Installation hardware and instructions included.

Shipping: $15.99 per kit

4300K HID Headlight Kit Qty:
5000K HID Headlight Kit Qty:
6000K HID Headlight Kit Qty:
8000K HID Headlight Kit Qty:

Replacement Bulbs

$22.99 each

9006 Bulb

Although we're sure these bulbs will last longer than you have your car (expected bulb life is over 2000 hours), should you need a replacement bulb, we have them available for just 22.99 each.  Bulbs are interchangeable, so if you decide you want to change the color temperature, simply swap out the bulbs!

Shipping: $2.99 each  

4300K HID Replacement Bulb Qty:
5000K HID Replacement Bulb Qty:
6000K HID Replacement Bulb Qty:
8000K HID Replacement Bulb Qty:


West Virginia residents are subject to 6% sales tax.

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