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Custom Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems designed and fabricated to your specifications and for your particular needs.

After exhaustive research and several experimental prototypes, we have designed what we believe to be the optimum exhaust setup for the SVX.  Each pipe is custom fit and fabricated on-site to ensure a proper fit.

Custom exhaust designs, such as true dual headers, can be fabricated and installed at customer request.  We can make recommendations regarding pipe sizes and expansion event locations and their effects on exhaust tone and engine performance.

Please remember that these exhaust systems are fabricated and installed individually on-demand.  Allow at least one full day for our standard replacement exhaust system and several days for custom exhausts. If additional parts are required for custom systems, our installation time will be dependent upon parts availability and delivery.  Please contact us with your requests and/or questions before making a service appointment so that we can make arrangements to have all of the parts and materials readily available and on hand.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Install-It-Yourself Kits for these custom exhaust systems are not yet available.  We hope to be able to offer them in the near future.