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A Little About Us

Who is "svxfiles" and why should you listen to him?

Those of you who are members of the The Subaru SVX World Network no doubt have heard of svxfiles (Tom Krynock). He is an active member of the forums and is well known and respected by the other members for his knowledge and expertise regarding these cars. Recently he added a garage to his house, complete with a lift, so that he can work on his SVX whenever he has the whim and a few spare moments. Rather than keep this treasure all to himself, Tom decided to share his garage and his talents with other members of the SVX community. There is nothing we like better than being surrounded by these rare cars and saving them from salvage yards.

Prior to opening our shop, Tom had been in sales and service for Subaru since 1983 and an avid auto mechanic since he was a teenager.  Locally he has attained the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable Subaru mechanics in the area.

Thus was born SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair.  SVX owners come from far and wide to have their cars serviced here, due to the fact that SVX experts are extremely rare, even more so than the cars themselves!   Being intimately familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the car, we are adept at diagnosis as well as repair.

SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair regularly hosts "mini-meets" which are open to SVX owners, enthusiasts and non-owners alike. Thus far, we have scheduled them to run concurrently with the Cumberland Airport Autocross events to add a little variety and excitement to the gathering. We are also regulars at the SVXWN's annual "Reading Meet", the largest annual gathering of SVX owners in the U.S., held every April in the general vicinity of Reading, PA.

SVXfiles' garage is located in Wiley Ford, WV, just south of Cumberland, MD. It is less than a 2 hour drive from Morgantown (WV); less than 2 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh (PA), Baltimore (MD), Harrisburg (PA), Wheeling (WV) and Washington, D.C.; and 3 hours from Philadelphia (PA).  If you can get it here, we can fix it here! If the car won't make it this far, towing can usually be arranged, using a tow dolly. This involves a little more labor than a car hauler if your car is AWD; contact us for more information. 

For directions to our facility, please visit the directions page.


Oh, and you can usually find us on the SVX World Network when we're not working.  Just look for svxfiles and green_eyed_lady.

SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair