SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair

Directions to SVXfiles Subaru Performance and Repair from Washington, D.C. and the east (I-68 westbound)

Take Interstate 70 west to exit 1A onto Interstate 68 west toward Cumberland, MD. This is a LEFT exit and it can be a little tricky.

Follow Interstate 68 west to Exit 43B, Airport/Industrial Blvd. Follow the exit ramp as it curves around to the left and you will come to a stop sign. Make a left (on Howard Street) and go one short block (maybe 250 ft.) and you will come to a "T". This is Industrial Boulevard (Route 51). Make a right and stay in the right lane. Go approximately another 300 ft. and you will come to a traffic light -- go straight through the light and get in the far right lane.

Take the Canal Parkway exit towards the Airport.  After about 1.5-2 miles, you will cross a small bridge into West Virginia and will be on WV Route 28.  (You will see a sign for the Airport and then a sign welcoming you to West Virginia.)  Approximately 1/2 mile after you pass the "Welcome to WV" sign, you will crest a hill.  SLOW DOWN at this point.  Just over the crest of the hill, make a left on Maple Avenue (which becomes Old Airport Road), directly across the street from the Wiley Ford Animal Clinic (on the right).  [If you pass the right turn onto Alt. Route 28, you have gone too far.  You can turn around in Hagen's Restaurant parking lot (on the right), get back on Route 28 heading north and look for Maple Avenue on the right.]  

Follow Maple Avenue/Old Airport Road for exactly 2 miles.  WARNING: This road is very windy with no guardrails in most places.  Take it easy.  Just before the 2-mile mark you will see a sign on the right for Swan Pond.  The next left is Shady Hill Lane.  We are at the corner of Old Airport Road and Shady Hill Lane (brown siding and stone house with a BIG garage).  Our driveway is on Old Airport Road, just past Shady Hill.  If you are towing a vehicle, you can just make the left onto Shady Hill and park in front of the house.

A word to the wise:  If you have a tendency to go heavy on the gas pedal, WATCH YOUR SPEED once you get to about the 50-mile marker. The locals target out-of-towners around Rocky Gap State Park. Also, the speed limit on the Canal Parkway and WV Route 28 is only 40 MPH. The WV State Police like to sit just over the state line and ticket people who aren't paying attention to their speed. Try to keep it under 45.